My name is Ryan Herring and I am the new administrator of Ken Avery and I have worked closely at using and understanding Pfeiffer’s Circular Chromatography over the past few years.  While the original website was a good start for PCC we are now ready to broaden the scope of the website into other topics where PCC would be useful. These include:

Organic Gardening and Farming



Korean Natural Farming

& other Fermentation Techniques

Since I have a stronger background in most of these areas I have agreed to develop and expand the website. The original material will be eventually incorporated into this site. While that process is happening there are two different ways to access the original site.

By using the IP address you can still visit the original site, or you can open a PDF file that contains screenshots of the most important pages. The website will be available until November 2018.

Visit the original site (will open in a new tab)

View the PDF file (will open in a new tab)